Our Story

Rich in Experience. Abundant in Local Flavor.

Meet Alex and Breelyn Bomba. Two native Tennesseans with a passion for delicious food and good company. Over the last 10 years, Alex and Breelyn have been secretly perfecting their meat recipes. Waiting for the right time to share them with the world. Once COVID-19 struck and they had more time on their hands, they decided the right time was now. And they’re excited to share their mouthwatering meat recipes with the world.


Made with Love, Tenderness and Some Serious Culinary Chops. 

Before starting CURED, Alex Bomba was a professional chef at several James Beard nominated restaurants including Proof on Main in Louisville, Kentucky and Eventide in Washington D.C. His extensive culinary background comes through in the quality of ingredients, flavor and finish of his meats. In his spare time, you’ll find Alex out golfing with his friends, working on his truck, Scout or trying to figure out what to do next with his hands.

It Takes Two to Tango.

Every relationship has a yin and a yang. A sweet and a spicy. A gas and a brake if you will. Breelyn Bomba is that brake. As Alex’s better half, Breelyn balances Alex’s wild culinary aspirations with her grounded personality. When she’s not helping Alex cut and cure the finest meats, Breelyn can be found exploring the great outdoors, attending live concerts or spending time with her dogs.


Community is at Our Core.

Even before starting CURED, Alex and Breelyn have always shared a passion for bringing people together through high-quality food. Their annual Farm to Table Dinner has been a part of the Jonesborough community since 2011 and continues to be a place where people can enjoy delicious meals sourced from local farmer’s market ingredients.